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Russian Experts Create Book About Blockchain

15:08 22/03/2019
Book About Practical Blockchain Use To Be Published In Russia

Russia is going to see a new book called “Blockchain in practice” soon, which will tell about the decentralized technology and its prospects, as well as about the technical capabilities of blockchain far behind cryptocurrencies, ForkLog reports.


The book was created by two authors who work with DLT in various fields. They are Alexander Tabernakulov, the founder of the PR agency for fintech companies Filigran, and Yan Koifmann, the head of the blockchain-platform for power management NS.


According to them, they are not trying to present blockchain as something perfect in their book, since they consider both perks and drawbacks of the technology. “Blockchain in practice” will include a comprehensive analysis of how distributed ledger has been evolving since 2008.


The authors claim that DLT has found its application in 25 areas of activity and describe what results have been achieved with the help of blockchain. At the same time, they focus on problems of the disruptive technology and offer improvements for its future development.


The hype in media has formed an inaccurate idea of blockchain in the eyes of users. The capabilities of this technology are much broader in reality, the authors note.


The book will be available for sale in Russian stores in April 2019.


Last summer, the second edition of the famous book “Blockchain Revolution” was published. The updated version tells about the success of the Ethereum network and the remarkable figures in the blockchain world. First published in 2016, the work of a Canadian scientist Don Tapscott was translated into 15 languages and became a bestseller in several Asian countries.


As previously reported, Russian railways will switch to blockchain.

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