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Blockstream Satellite Bitcoin Network Starts Working In Beta

19:18 17/01/2019
Blockstream Starts Testing Satellite Bitcoin Network

A tech company Blockstream launched a beta version of its network, which will allow bitcoin payments via space satellites, according to the official website.


In the testing phase, the Blockstream Satellite API can already transmit data using a satellite network. It is noted that the Lightning test network will process transactions, and broadcasts will remain free for this time. When the testing is over, the mainnet will be launched, becoming the world's first satellite bitcoin processing.


Currently, the Blockstream satellite channels can be used to transmit encrypted messages. Developers will be able to share them through the RESTful interface, while regular users will send and receive secure messages on the Blockstream website, also supported by the Lightning testnet. The maximum message size is limited, but this guarantees that sending will take no more than 10 seconds.


Also, developers can apply their own encryption. When paying for services, the Lightning network will create an additional level of security by disabling an addressee from a recipient. Similarly, the Blockstream Satellite API will work with bitcoin payments.


The intention to launch the Blockstream satellite bitcoin network was announced in 2017. According to the company, satellite communications will increase the speed and reliability of transactions, since they will not depend on the unstable Internet connection on the Earth.


Previously, Blockstream expanded its satellite network for Asia.

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