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DECENT Creates Crypto Wallet Beta Version For Android

13:28 19/12/2018

DECENT, a company developing an open-source DCore blockchain, presented a release of a crypto wallet version for mobile devices on the Android operating system, ForkLog reports.


The wallet allows to send and exchange various digital assets and the platform's token DECENT (DCT).

The new version supports several functions. First of all, it allows to activate mobile wallet using a QR code or a PIN code. Moreover, users can see the balance on their account in US dollars, euros, and British pounds. The history and details of monetary transactions are available too. In the future, it will be possible to add tokens of other projects in the DCore system.


According to Matej Michalko, founder and head of DECENT, it is important to develop the maximum number of opportunities for the community in order to implement blockchain everywhere. A lot of projects are being created in the mobile device market, and the company's task is to implement its projects as conveniently as possible, this is exactly the purpose of the wallet release.

The next step for DECENT specialists will be the creation of a mobile wallet for iOS devices.


DECENT (DCT) cryptocurrency is ranked 372nd with a market capitalization of $4.4 million and a value of $0.086, according to CoinMarketCap on December 18, 12:19 (UTC).


Earlier, Opera announced the introduction of an Ethereum-based crypto wallet into its Web 3 browser for the Android operating system.

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