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Amazon Gets Opportunity To Launch ICON Blockchain Product

20:58 27/11/2018

The Seoul blockchain startup ICONLOOP created a new software product called ICON Development Network and launched it on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud marketplace, as follows from the company's press release.


ICONLOOP has been a tech partner of the AWS Partner Network (APN) since the beginning of 2018. The partnership allowed the startup to introduce a blockchain product that integrates well with the AWS platform, through which developers can easily launch a private version of the ICON network, experts of the South Korean startup stated.

The project’s main goal was to create affordable and handy tools for comfortable work in the ICON environment. The new blockchain solution will assist specialists in developing private networks that meet their needs. Besides, it will be possible to test projects running above the ICON protocol. A private network based on AWS Cloud can be used both in managing its own service and in creating decentralized apps.


The cooperation with AWS is aimed at facilitating the work of developers in creating projects based on blockchain technology, and ICONLOOP will keep evolving in this direction, J.H. Kim, executive director of the company, stated.

The South Korean startup intends to further optimize the ICON Development Network and continue its cooperation with AWS.


As previously reported, Microsoft released a new blockchain product for creating decentralized apps.

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