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Authorities Of Blockchain Island Head For AI

17:09 02/11/2018

Malta is planning to repeat its success with the adoption of innovative technologies and takes up development of artificial intelligence (AI). This was announced by Silvio Schembri, Junior Minister of Finance, Digital Economy and Innovation, during his speech at the Malta Blockchain Summit 2018, Cointelegraph reports.


The state is launching an initiative called Malta.ai, and intends to develop the same favorable legal framework for AI as it exists for blockchain. As Silvio Schembri noted, Malta is striving to be a leader in the field of AI technology.


Projects within the national AI strategy will be directed by the Digital Innovation Authority, which also supervises the blockchain industry in Malta. The agency will provide a policy of transparency and social responsibility for adopting AI technologies.


The government has so far rolled out the project website and formed a task force of entrepreneurs, scientists, and specialists with the view to find use cases of AI in Malta’s public sector.


Also the Malta.ai initiative will cooperate with blockchain platform SingularityNET, which contributed to the development of Sofia Robot. The Maltese authorities will study the citizenship test for robots provided by the startup.


Malta became known as a blockchain island after it first-ever began to regulate services and production related to distributed ledger technology. Now the island state is preparing to enter the top ten countries that have the best policy towards AI.


Recently, the Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has confirmed his confidence in the efficiency of blockchain and cryptos. Muscat stated that decentralized technologies help to develop and improve the global financial system, henceforth Malta positions itself as the "blockchain island."


Previously, experts in Malta failed crypto agent certification.

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