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Anti-Government Video Posted On Blockchain In Thailand

19:50 12/11/2018

Anti-government activists in Thailand have used crypto technologies so that those who wish can watch and speak out about the protest video clip “Rap Against Dictatorship”, CCN reports.

The video, which highlights the problems in the socio-political life of the country related to the high level of government corruption, censorship, and double standards of the legal system, collected more than 30 mln views on the YouTube channel within three weeks since its release.


In turn, the governing institutions in Thailand launched certain retaliatory measures and stated that the footage violates the country's legislation, and its authors were called to give evidence to the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), the country's military authority.

One of the unknown activists placed the footage on the Zcoin blockchain with the help of the IPFS link incorporated into the transaction on block 111089 in order to maintain access to viewing the video. Zcoin is an anonymous token that is the first complete actualization of the Zerocoin protocol.

Poramin Insom, a Thai citizen, Zcoin co-founder and developer, stated he did not know who exactly embedded the IPFS link into his transaction, but now it is protected, it cannot be deleted or closed. Moreover, the persons who will view it will remain unknown. The author of Zcoin also expressed hope that the authorities would understand how blockchain can change the way of information distribution. Attempts of censorship on social networks have never been successful, probably except for China, Insom added.

As previously reported, the Thai authorities may strengthen the regulation of the crypto sphere to combat terrorism.

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