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Blockchain May Be Risky For Voting During Elections: Report

18:02 22/10/2018

Blockchain can be a source of risk when voting at various levels of elections, according to the researchers from the Initiative for CryptoCurrencies and Contracts (IC3), to whom Business Insider refers.


The scientists stated that blockchain technology has already become revolutionary in many areas of human activity, but it may not be so useful for Internet voting and even harm it.


The field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain attracts large amounts of money, since everyone acknowledges that it can significantly improve the performance of global payment systems, logistics, retail, land relations, etc. It is considered that it can help in the election process, but there are a number of factors indicating that this isn’t the case.


Despite the safety of blockchain, many people share the opinion of Ron Rivest, the professor at MIT and a member of the Board of Directors of Verified Voting, who is confident that the voting process is too significant to make it online. It is especially important to remember this against the background of determining the extent of Russia's intervention into the 2016 presidential election in the United States.


Blockchain is safe itself, but nobody guarantees that the device through which a person gives a vote doesn’t contain a malicious program that can distort the choice at the last moment, according to the report. Blockchain will accept such a vote, but it will be wrong, and as a result, the elections may be compromised. The experts also note that despite the anonymity and decentralization of blockchain, there is still a possibility of buying votes.


As previously reported, residents of West Virginia will use the mobile blockchain app to vote at the upcoming November elections to the US Congress.

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