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Main Problem Of dApps Is Lack Of Users — Report

12:52 31/01/2019
Blockchain Apps Face Lack Of Audience

The lack of user coverage has become the number one challenge for decentralized apps developers, according to a new report by Fluence Labs.


The study involved specialists from 160 blockchain projects. 67% of them called the limited number of users the biggest problem of the industry. According to the developers, they also often (in 44% of cases) encounter users' inexperience.


The fact is that some users do not see a difference between cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications. The creators of the popular game CryptoKitties were surprised when they had to explain users that collectibles were not digital money.


Also, a third of respondents consider registration of new customers the main obstacle to dApps adoption. The hardest thing for developers was to explain to beginners how to create a wallet, how to get coins, and what gas is.


Thus, even the problem of scalability slumped to the third place. Although, analysts do not exclude that finding a solution to it will become a priority task for dApps creators when their audience eventually grows.


The main platforms for building dApps are Ethereum, EOS, and TRON. The researchers note that Ethereum provides services to 87% of all existing applications. In total, there are about 1800 products in the industry, but Fluence Labs could not contact most of them.


Previously, Justin Sun founded the TRON Arcade foundation to “rescue developers” from EOS and Ethereum platforms. From the beginning of the year, the fund has managed to lure several decentralized games and applications to the TRON blockchain.

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