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Changpeng Zhao Announces Upcoming Launch Of Binance Chain Blockchain

12:47 05/12/2018

Changpeng Zhao, executive director of the Binance trading platform, announced at Decrypting Blockchain for Business that Binance Chain, the company’s own blockchain, will be launched soon, Forbes reports.


The event dedicated to the crypto and blockchain sphere was organized by Forbes Asia in Singapore, and the 130 most influential businessmen of the Asian crypto industry participated in it. The attendees’ mood, affected by the fall of the crypto market, was brightened by some statements of the sphere leaders.

One of the announcements was made by Zhao, who stated that the launch of the Binance Chain blockchain, on which it will be possible to issue tokens, is scheduled for February 2019.


Zhao reported the creation of their distributed ledger in the spring of 2018 and stressed that a decentralized exchange would also be launched on it. Later, at the end of the summer, the Binance CEO demonstrated a demo version of this platform.

Against this background, the cost of the Binance Coin (BNB) token has risen sharply. During one day, on December 4, its price surged by 17%. According to CoinMarketCap as of December 5, 06:19 (UTC), BNB is ranked 13th with a market cap of $794.1 million and a value of $6.07.


Earlier, the Binance trading platform made changes in the stablecoin market labeling. Starting from November 26, 2018, the USDT market is called the combined Stablecoin Market USDⓈ.

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