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Azerbaijan To Use Blockchain In Justice And Housing Services

18:30 02/11/2018

The Azerbaijani authorities are considering the use of blockchain and smart contracts in the country's legal system and utilities, Trend News Agency reports.

According to Osman Gunduz, the chair of the Azerbaijani Internet Forum, representatives of the country's Ministry of Justice paid specific attention to blockchain and smart contracts at a joint meeting held on Wednesday, October 30.

Currently, the department provides several dozens of electronic services; there are all kinds of information systems and registries. Notarial services, court cases, the penitentiary system, data on non-profit associations, and others are also among them. The ‘Mobile notary office’ project, which combines all these services, seems to be very interesting, Gunduz believes.

Moreover, the government intends to introduce blockchain and smart contracts into the utility system and link them to the supply of water, gas, and electricity in the future. Gunduz stated that all agreements concluded with citizens will be transferred to blockchain, which will help maintain transparency and eliminate violations in this sphere. He added that residents will be able to manage all these processes by themselves.

The words of Osman Gunduz are another reminder of the growing interest in blockchain technology as a source of innovation in Azerbaijan. For instance, in October 2018, IBM and the central bank of the country joined forces to implement the program on the blockchain introduction in the economy of Azerbaijan.

As previously reported, acts on property disposal will be transferred to blockchain in Australia.

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