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Amazon Introduces Service For Creating Blockchain Networks

11:31 30/11/2018

Amazon launched a service, which allows to develop a decentralized network without spending money on building a separate platform, according to the company's website.


The new platform is called Amazon Managed Blockchain. It offers the popular tool Hyperledger Fabric, and soon will support Ethereum, too. The company's developers note that this is a totally manageable service where users can create a decentralized network “in just a few clicks”. Moreover, it will be scalable and will automatically adjust to lots of applications that process several million transactions.

The Managed Blockchain is easy to administer as well as track statistics, including the use of memory and storage resources. To start working with this service, a user needs to submit an application and wait for its approval.


Also, developers can keep a copy of their decentralized network in the Amazon Quantum Ledger Database. This tool will allow to track a network activity beyond the platform and study trends of other networks.

However, the new product was criticized. Sarah Jamie Lewis from the Open Privacy research organization stated that it is a managed service, which goes against the very idea of blockchain networks. Also, Lewis ironically noted that the corporation must be thinking that the best way to decentralize something is to put centralized authority at the top.


Previously, a blockchain product ICON appeared in the Amazon cloud marketplace.

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