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Accenture Intends To Integrate Large Blockchain Platforms

07:28 24/10/2018

Accenture, a large consulting company, has released a new decentralized solution aimed at cooperation between major blockchain platforms, according to a press release.


Earlier in October, the company had already announced cooperation with a subsidiary of the Thai Siam Commercial Bank in order to simplify communication between institutions using blockchain technology.



Currently, a contact has been established between the Corda platform of the R3 company and the Digital Asset platform and between the blockchain project Hyperledger Fabric and the JPMorgan’s Quorum with the help of a decentralized network.


According to David Treat, Global Blockchain Lead at Accenture, the new blockchain developments will radically change the connection between companies in the digital market in such a way that traditional working correspondence can be avoided.


Thanks to the decentralized system, the companies will be able to provide open access to their data within a distributed ledger, combining rapidly developing blockchain platforms.



Treat also stressed that they will be able to solve the main problems associated with the transition of the user from one platform to another or with its recoding by the developers if one of the partners starts working in another direction by consolidating the blockchain ecosystem.


As previously reported, David Treat emphasized the reliability and availability of decentralized technologies during the study of blockchain scalability.

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