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Accenture To Use Blockchain To Create Supply Chain

13:06 26/02/2019
Accenture To Develop Blockchain Supply Chainn

Accenture, one of the world's leading consulting companies, together with several large corporations, has begun to develop a system for a circular supply chain of agricultural products on the basis of blockchain, as follows from a press statement.


Accenture is actively using blockchain technology in its work and has now set the task of using it as a core factor in expanding the circular supply chain. In this case, it is intended to cover all stages of goods supply to avoid waste products and to promote environmental improvement.


The blockchain-based system will be developed jointly with the cloud computing company Amazon Web Services, the payment company Mastercard, the Everledger startup, and the global organization Mercy Corps.


The new system will allow coordinating small suppliers and manufacturers who will be able to receive remuneration directly from customers. Moreover, blockchain will make the entire supply chain transparent, make better use of possible surplus products, eliminate waste, and determine the product originality.


Accenture provides services to consumers in areas such as healthcare, banking, tourism. If all these areas are combined with distributed ledger technology, then the business industry will be able to reframe the entire supply chain in the world, David Treat, managing director and blockchain lead in Accenture, stated.


Earlier, the President of France Emmanuel Macron called on the European Union to use blockchain to manage the supply chain in agriculture.

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