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New Companies Join RippleNet Payment System

12:25 09/01/2019

RippleNet, a payment blockchain system, continues to gain popularity. As follows from the official press release, 13 new financial institutions became its clients.


Euro Exim Bank from London, focused on serving import and export enterprises, has become a new member of the payment system. Besides, SendFriend, JNFX, Transpaygo, and others will start using the XRP crypto when making international payments.

Thus, over two hundred financial institutions worldwide are registered with RippleNet today. Each week, two or three organizations become Ripple’s customers, Brad Garlinghouse, the company's executive director, stated. In 2018, their number increased 3.5 times.


RippleNet allows financial institutions to make prompt and less costly payments than in the case with the traditional banking system.


xCurrent and xRapid were tested in collaboration with Ripple and other partners of the system and implemented in a rather short time, Kaushik Punjani, executive director of Euro Exim Bank, stated. The bank is counting on the benefits they bring to clients.

David Lighton, CEO and a co-founder of the SendFriend money transfer service, emphasized the importance of affordable international payments and called this the main advantage of using xRapid.


As previously reported, the payment operator UAE Exchange with an office in Dubai began to cooperate with Ripple to carry out international transfers on blockchain.

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