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US May Hire Manager To Work With Forfeited Cryptocurrency

12:40 12/03/2019
US May Hire Agent To Work With Seized Cryptocurrencies

A new governmental post, related to confiscated cryptocurrencies management, may appear in the United States.


The US Marshals Service (USMS), a law enforcement agency, published documents proposing to hire an agent or contractor to work with digital assets that were forfeited for one reason or another. The documents are a request for information through which the USMS wants to receive suggestions and ideas, and to improve existing methods of storing such cryptocurrency.


The agent will have duties related to management and liquidation of confiscated tokens. This is basically the control over the security of all crypto transactions, including their exchange for US dollars or other more liquid currencies. Other responsibilities include accounting, creating digital wallets, managing blockchain forks, working with clients, and so on.


In turn, the contractor will be subordinate to the state contractor, who will evaluate quality of work and compliance with the standards.


The ministry itself notes that the documents were published for information purposes only, and this is not a job advertisement. Also, the USMS does not guarantee to open a competition for this position in the future.


It is noteworthy that the Marshals Service annually holds auctions to sell the confiscated bitcoins. Last year, the USMS announced an auction where 660 BTC were put up for sale.


Previously, the state of Colorado passed an act that excludes some cryptocurrencies from the local securities laws.

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