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Hacker From New York Steals $1 Million In Cryptocurrency

10:14 22/11/2018

The US law enforcement agencies accuse a 27-year-old New Yorker Nicholas Truglia of stealing $1 million in cryptocurrency, the New York Post reports.


Robert Ross, a resident of San Francisco, became the victim of the youngster. In October 2018, Truglia stole $500,000 from each of his two accounts on the Coinbase and Gemini crypto exchanges. According to Erin West, the deputy district attorney of Santa Clara, Ross has been saving this money all his life.

The scammer used a fraudulent scheme with a SIM card. This is a new type of a personal data theft, which is becoming more common. The hacker calls the mobile operator, reports the loss or damage of the SIM card, and requests to activate a new one. A customer support representative asks a few questions related to the client's personal data, and the fraudster answers them having collected information on the social networks or using phishing before the call. Then, the criminal penetrates the bank accounts of the SIM card holder and steals money.


It is reported that, apart from Ross, six other people could be potential victims of Truglia, among whom were leaders of high-tech and financial companies.

Truglia was arrested in his luxury apartment in Manhattan on November 14 by the REACT police group from Santa Clara that investigates fraud cases involving SIM cards throughout the country. West stated that the investigators managed to restore the hardware wallet and recover $300,000 from the stolen sum. The scammer will be extradited to California, where he will stand trial.


As previously reported, hackers demanded 1000 BTC from a Malaysian media company.

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