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Number Of Addresses In TRON Blockchain Network Reaches One Million

20:20 26/12/2018

The number of unique user accounts in the TRON network exceeded one million. It was announced by Misha Lederman, a crypto enthusiast and co-founder of the company’s additional project IAmDecentralized.org. He is engaged in promoting TRON on Twitter.


The blockchain network registered a core number of accounts six months after the launch of the mainnet. According to Lederman, Ethereum, its main competitor, managed to achieve the same record only a year and a half since the start. In his tweets, the specialist emphasizes that TRON has achieved success despite fierce competition and a crisis in the crypto market.

The TRON promoter states that while the startup hires developers and invests in blockchain apps, Bitmain, the leading bitcoin mining company, reduces its staff, as well as ConsenSys, working with ether.


It is noteworthy that TRON compares its achievements with Ethereum quite often and tries to be in advance of the popular blockchain network. This year, Justin Sun, the project founder, stated that with the Odyssey 3.1 update, TRON will start working 200 times faster than Ethereum, while offering operations with the TRX tokens 100 times cheaper than EOS.

After that, Sun promised to create a foundation “to rescue” former EOS and Ethereum developers, who suffered losses on their platforms.


A Twitter user KuznecoFF stated that comparing Ethereum and TRON is the same as comparing bitcoin and its controversial Bitcoin Cash hardfork. Lederman replied that the TRON network is not so overloaded as compared to the ether and is more resistant to downward trends and competition at the same time.


Other users reported that TRON used plagiarism when writing a whitepaper, and some admitted that Sun's crypto project really surpassed ether, which lost 90% of its value in 2018.

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