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General Number Of Crypto ATMs In World Amounts To 4167

16:20 12/01/2019

The number of bitcoin ATMs in the world has exceeded 4000, and every day on average up to five cryptocurrency ATMs are installed, despite the fall in the crypto market.


According to data on January 11, 2019, there are 4167 bitcoin ATMs. They are mainly located in North America, with 56% of crypto ATMs placed in the US and 15% – in Canada. There are 23% of bitcoin ATMs installed in Europe, 2.6% – in Asia. South America, Oceania and Africa account for only 2.5% in total.

In the US, the number of bitcoin ATMs has grown by 1216 since January 1, 2018, in general, there are 2476 of them in the whole country. The state of California is leading with 473 bitcoin ATMs, followed by Illinois with 250 machines.


Among European countries, the leadership belongs to Austria with 266 units or 6.4%, the United Kingdom is second with 211 units. In Asia, the vast majority of crypto ATMs (32) is located on the territory of Hong Kong. India could be among Asian states, but the country's law enforcement agencies began to dismantle the installations in the autumn of 2018.


Out of the total number of bitcoin ATMs, 99.9% support bitcoins, 64.6% work with several cryptocurrencies. Ether is on the second place, followed by Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Monero, Dogecoin, and ZCash.

Genesis Coin and General Bytes are leading producers of crypto ATMs; they account for more than half of all installations.


As previously reported, crypto ATMs have become popular in Colombia. To date, there are 27 bitcoin ATMs installed in the country.

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