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Sony Creates “Multi-Purpose” Hardware Crypto Wallet

18:03 25/10/2018

Sony CSL, one of divisions of the Japanese tech giant, Sony, has presented its internally developed hardware crypto wallet, as reported in the press release.


It is noted that the new device can receive, send, and store tokens as well as perform many other functions.


Sony has named some of the benefits of its new device. One of them is that the wallet does not require connection to the host via USB, unlike other hardware devices available in the industry. The new crypto wallet on the IC card is small, portable, and convenient to use.


Source: Sony CSL


Sony's “contactless” wallet, like any other hardware wallet, allows the user to store private keys remotely from the network, thus securing funds from theft on online servers. Here users will be able to generate and hold keys in the tamper-proof module built into the IC card.


The company also claims that the new crypto wallet allows offline storage of not only keys for transactions but also keys for other operations, for instance, to gain access to personal information. Sony wallet is designed for multi-purpose use, according to the company.


However, it is not clear when the product will be available to users, and if it ever goes into mass production. Besides, the new device is still unnamed, in accord with the press release.


Earlier, the Square payment operator announced the code and tools for customizing its cold wallet.

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