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Skype To Consider Integrating XRP For Micropayments

15:01 11/04/2019
Skype To Consider Possibility Of Introducing Ripple Tokens

One of the employees of the Skype Internet communications company responded to the suggestion of David Olliver, an enthusiast for the development of the Ripple crypto system, who addressed the company with the idea of introducing XRP tokens so that users could make cryptocurrency micropayments for using the service.


Olliver tweeted a Skype employee's response who told him that he had introduced the other employees of the company with this proposal. He also added that Skype is owned by Microsoft, and such an important change, like adding support for cryptocurrencies, needs to be adopted at the management level.


David Olliver called on crypto enthusiasts to vote for XRP implementation on the Skype UserVoice portal, which was created so that service customers could post ideas for improving the system, and other users could support this idea by voting. At the time of this publication, this proposal has already received 1,799 votes.


In February 2019, it became known about the start of testing technologies from Ripple in Western Union, one of the world's largest cross-border payment companies. According to Western Union Digital top manager Molly Shi, the company understands the inevitability of crypto growth and intends to maintain high competitiveness in the context of developing technologies.


As previously reported, the main Swiss stock exchange began to offer an investment tool based on the XRP cryptocurrency.

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