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Russian Series “Miners” Is Available On YouTube

17:35 07/03/2019
Russian Series About Miners Premieres On YouTube

The first episode of the series called “Miners”, which was filmed by the Russian television company “Talks and Shows,” was released on RVision channel on YouTube with the support of the Cinema Foundation and the Ministry of Culture of Russia.



The series was shot in a detective genre. In the story, amateur miners seek to make profit on the cryptocurrency mining using all sorts of secret theories associated with the bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.


The series consists of ten episodes, each about ten minutes. The Screen Life format was used in the process of shooting the movie, meaning events take place on a computer screen.


YouTube users' reaction was ambiguous regarding the first episode of the series. The number of likes and dislikes under the video at the time of publication of the article amounted to 30% and 70% respectively, many expect the release of new episodes.


The TV company “Talks and Shows” has long been involved in the popularization of cryptocurrencies and the release of thematic movies. In 2015, a documentary about the history of money, mining, bitcoin in Russia, and much more came out. Another documentary, “The State vs Bitcoin”, was released in 2018.


Films about the crypto sphere are also produced by directors from the United States. In the spring of 2018, Doug Karr began working on the dystopian series about crypto called “HardFork”.


As previously reported, the American filmmaking blockchain studio Breaker invited well-known filmmakers David Lynch and Steven Soderbergh to participate in their project.

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