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Pre-Sale Of Token In Honor Of Wu-Tang Clan Starts In Late October

17:03 24/10/2018

ODBCoin, the cryptocurrency, which was launched by the son of the rapper Ol 'Dirty Bastard (ODB), co-founder of the Wu-Tang Clan group, has entered a new stage of development and its public pre-sale is scheduled for late October, CoinDesk reports.


In the spring of 2018, Young Dirty, ODB's son and rapper, whose real name is Barson Jones, informed the media about the plans to launch the cryptocurrency for fans. The digital asset was created on the TAO blockchain and is being traded on the AltMarket exchange, which holds the pre-sale.


The creators of ODBCoin stated that they made thorough preparations to implement their solution, unlike many other crypto projects of famous people, in respect of which US regulators made tough decisions. It took some time to correct the bugs, Young Dirty informed.


The idea of launching ODBCoin is that it will become the first cryptocurrency developed and distributed in the series of assets under celebrities brands. It will become not so much a tool for attracting investment, but an incentive for Young Dirty fans who purchase related products or the opportunity to attend the artist's show.


Ol' Dirty Bastard (Source: wikipedia.org)


In the eyes of regulators, ODBCoin may look like the same product as a t-shirt, Bryce Weiner, executive director of AltMarket, stated. The launch of the cryptocurrency will demonstrate the opportunity for other artists to go the same way, and the next project isn’t far off, the head of the exchange added.


The tokens can be considered a great way to establish the connection between the artist and the fans and to reward the latter for their dedication. For the rapper, this is an incentive for further creativity, which the father could be proud of, Young Dirty said.


As previously reported, Johnny Depp, a famous Hollywood actor, joined the blockchain project TaTaTu.

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