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Parity To Develop First Alternative Client For Zcash

11:41 20/03/2019
Parity To Create Alternative Client For Zcash Cryptocurrency

Parity Technologies, the company developing solutions for the Ethereum blockchain, announced the cooperation with the Zcash Foundation to create the first alternative client for the private Zcash cryptocurrency. The corresponding announcement is published on the Parity's website.


Till now, Zcash had its own single client called zcashd. The new node will be programmed in Rust. Parity will use its experience in creating various solutions for the Ethereum and Bitcoin networks.


The work of Parity specialists in creating nodes on networks with numerous users has shown the need for an additional decentralization and development of communities. With the introduction of a separate node, miners and users of Zcash will have extra options, and the crypto protocol will become more decentralized, Josh Cincinnati, CEO of the Zcash Foundation, stated.


The collaboration with the Zcash Foundation will make the cryptocurrency of the project a more confidential financial instrument, Fredrik Harrysson, Parity CTO, believes.


According to CoinMarketCap, Zcash was 22nd in the rating with a market capitalization of $343.6 million and a value of $56.02 on March 20, at 05:00 (UTC).


As previously reported, Bitmain has released Antminer Z11, created for the mining of digital assets based on the Equihash algorithm, including Zcash.

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