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Opera Touch with Built-In Crypto Wallet To Receive iOS Version

10:43 07/03/2019
Opera To Launch iOS Browser With Cryptocurrency Wallet

Opera Software, a technology company from Norway, in the official press release announced the release of the Opera Touch mobile browser for iOS, which will support the decentralized applications (dApps) and have a built-in Ethereum wallet.


Representatives of the company stated that they were going to release a new product for requests from Ethereum community members who asked to develop an iOS application similar to the Android browser launched in December 2018. It is not yet known when the official version of Opera Touch will be released for iOS users, but those who want to try it should send a request to access the browser in test mode.


According to the developers, the integrated wallet solves the problem of the lack of simple and convenient crypto solutions. Users no longer need to install third-party crypto wallet applications that are difficult to configure and inconvenient to use for browsing the web. Also, the company notes that after the partnership with the Safello crypto exchange, it takes less than a minute to replenish the wallets of people in Norway, Denmark and Sweden.


As previously reported, Opera launched the option of direct purchase of ether via the browser’s built-in wallet for devices on Android.

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