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Fraudsters Create Site-Imitation Of New OKEx Platform

13:45 11/04/2019
OK Jumpstart Fraudulent Website Appears In Internet

Unidentified attackers launched a fraudulent website allegedly to sell tokens through the recently launched IEO-platform OK Jumpstart from the OKEx cryptocurrency trading platform, Cryptonews reports.


According to the official information from OKEx, the company's programmers did not create a separate website for OK Jumpstart. Besides, users who visited the fraudulent page were immediately redirected to the platform of another cryptocurrency exchange — Binance Launchpad.


According to Changpen Zhao, the founder of Binance, the domain address, which unknown persons used to redirect users to the Launchpad platform, is not related to the exchange.


He noted that, apparently, fraudsters decided to earn extra money using cybersquatting — the registration of a domain name containing a trademark or a brand for further sale or fraudulent use. Zhao added that attackers did not use the referral code, so the developers are not able to trace them.


According to the OKEx representatives, the company does not intend to indulge fraudsters and buy out the domain in order not to allow them to achieve their aim and earn in this way.


Earlier, Andy Chung, the head of OKEx, stated that the new exchange's platform was developed to support beginning investors and projects with high potential, as well as to simplify the start of a cryptocurrency business.

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