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New York Times Starts Searching For Blockchain Specialist

15:15 14/03/2019
New York Times Publishes Vacancy For Blockchain Specialist

The New York Times (NYT), a famous American newspaper, started looking for a new employee, who would develop the concept of introducing blockchain into its publishing activities. The ad was posted on the job search website Indeed.


A blockchain specialist is required in the NYT's research and development department. As noted in the job ad, this will be a temporary position for a period of 12 months. The developer’s main task is to create a vision of the company in the field of innovative technology, and share these ideas with stakeholders and other media organizations.


The NYT blockchain specialist will have to create a public image of the company, willing to join the crypto sphere, and even develop own assets for the project, the message says.


It should be noted that the vacancy was posted on the website on March 13, and on March 14 it was no longer available for submitting applications — so allegedly the NYT newspaper had already found a needed specialist.


Last fall, another American media outlet, Forbes, also expressed a desire to apply blockchain tech for publishing purposes. One of the oldest US magazines intends to use the journalistic platform Civil for storing and archiving its content in a decentralized system, as well as publish materials with the help of blockchain.


The Civil network is a blockchain startup that utilizes the CVL tokens. Owners of these coins have the right to vote on projects organized by the company, and can also regulate the activities of different media and prevent violations of the journalistic standards. At one time, the blockchain-firm ConsenSys invested in Civil.


Recall that the news platform Popula was the first to publish an article on blockchain.

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