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Satoshi Nakamoto Publishes First Post Since He Disappeared In 2010

13:15 01/12/2018



Less than a day ago, the profile of the mysterious Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto returned to life for the first time since 2010. On the P2P Foundation online portal, the author of the first cryptocurrency published a post, which contained the single word “nour”. Just before that, Satoshi added a person called Wagner Tamanaha to his friends list.

At the moment, netizens are trying to figure out whether it was the real Satoshi or not, which is almost impossible given the fact that nobody has revealed Satoshi’s personality so far. Besides, the account of the Bitcoin inventor has already been attacked by hackers. Thus, many Internet users believe that it might be hacked again.


According to the profile at LinkedIn, Wagner Tamanaha is a crypto enthusiast from Brazil, who has been a marketing specialist for over 30 years and worked with leading global enterprises. Currently, he is exploring the possibilities of blockchain and cryptocurrency for monetizing content in social media. Also he is the author of Blockchain Cat comics on Steemit.


Wagner reacted to Satoshi’s action by tweeting:

“Looks like Satoshi reappeared and I'm being investigated :-)”.



Later the newly added Satoshi’s friend told to Blockspoint that he was rather surprised too. Wagner Tamanaha made a request for friendship on P2P Foundation about a year ago and it was accepted just today.


“I did that request because another brazilian was already listed in Satoshi P2P Foundation account. The user Casagrande was accepted as his friend in 2014 and he is an active user on Steemit (blockchain social network), where I met him. Casagrande also organize the @brazilians project there”,  

— said Wagner and added —

“ I'm preparing to answer him in japanese, to say thanks for the honor to be included in his list of friends and make public my commitment with Bitcoin”.


When answering the question if he thinks is it real Satoshi Nakamoto or not, Wagner told:

“Expert people say it's not Satoshi but the economy of words and the long time between the posts are intriguing for me”.


The mysterious publication by Satoshi does not make any sense at first glance. The word “nour” could be interpreted as an Arabic name, which means “light”. But Satoshi wrote it in lowercase, which obviously excludes this interpretation.


As previously reported, the first digital monument in honor of the bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto was opened in Kiev.

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  1. Pranav:
    11/30/18 at 19:44

    It's not possible. The official id of Satoshi nakamoto still shows last seen of 2010.