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Mycelium Joins Interwallet Crypto Wallet Consortium

20:56 04/01/2019

The Mycelium crypto wallet has joined the Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO) service, which includes five crypto wallets and the ShapeShift platform, CCN reports, referring to the press release of Mycelium.


Other FIO members include Coinomi, KeepKey, BRD, MyCrypto, and Edge wallets. ShapeShift is a trading crypto platform that allows converting cryptos instantly. Earlier, it did not even have users' accounts, but now customers have to register.

FIO allows users of crypto wallets to send and receive their funds with a minimal risk, without inconveniences and any difficulties. The service specialists are working on a blockchain solution that will expand the capabilities of clients.


Dapix assists in the development of the FIO protocol. The solution is represented as universal addresses in wallets and crypto exchanges. Thus, users of different crypto wallets supporting the FIO protocol will have the opportunity to send each other funds directly via these addresses.

When registering an FIO address, a client receives the private key, which provides access to any wallets. However, the fundamental security protocols should be followed. The address system is only one of the functions available in FIO.


As previously reported, the developers of the MyCrypto wallet updated the product and added support for the service for crypto purchase called 0x Instant.

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