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Mining Farm With Capacity Of 85 MW Launched In Canada

16:11 09/11/2018

DMG Blockchain Solutions, the Canadian blockchain and crypto company, has launched a crypto mining farm with a capacity of 85 MW, according to a press release.


The company announced the plans to create a farm back in July 2018. Crypto mining was to be carried out on an industrial scale with the support of local authorities and electricity suppliers. The farm does not operate at full capacity yet and uses only 60 megawatts.

The DMG Blockchain Solutions mining facility occupies about 14 hectares in the province of British Columbia and is considered one of the largest in North America.


Since the facility uses hydropower, which is more than enough in Canada, the farm will not affect the electricity needs of the local population. This advantage was one of the main for making the decision about the creation of the object. The facility of 85 megawatts requires as much electricity as is needed to power 50,000 households.

Dave Evdokimoff, the executive director of the local electricity supplier Boundary Electric, stated that he had never seen such large electricity needs in the entire 71-year history of the company, as is the case with crypto mining.


DMG Blockchain Solutions has spent about a year developing the infrastructure, installing its substation, and opening many new job positions.


As previously reported, the mining farm of the Canadian company Hut 8 mined 1978 bitcoins and increased its income to $13.5 million within a few months of 2018.

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