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Kraken Crypto Exchange To Pay For Information About QuadrigaCX

19:30 01/03/2019
Kraken Crypto Exchange To Pay For Information About QuadrigaCX

Kraken, a well-known American trading platform, is ready to pay a reward of $100,000 for any information that will help in the search for the cryptocurrency missing from the QuadrigaCX accounts, as follows from the blog of Kraken.


The platform sees its mission in helping to spread cryptocurrency and inspire confidence in it. Thus, everyone will be able to benefit and get opportunities for greater financial freedom.


Kraken already has the experience of user refund. In 2014, it invested heavily in the Mt.Gox crypto exchange and also provided expert support to the observer and investigators who were working on the case of this platform. As a result, they managed to return a significant amount of assets to investors very fast. Such examples have a positive effect on the whole crypto sphere, as stated on the blog.


The Canadian exchange QuadrigaCX suspended its work in late January 2019. The executive director of the platform died suddenly and was presumably the only person who had access to the customers' accounts. In total, about $190 million, owned by 115,000 users, became not accessible. Moreover, some argue that the circumstances of the death of the exchange's chief are too suspicious.


Kraken seeks to draw attention to this case, so it announced a reward in the hope that it would help to detect at least some part of the clients' funds. The received information will be transferred to the police. The reward will be paid in cryptocurrency or fiat money.


As previously reported, all QuadrigaCX crypto assets were transferred to Ernst & Young (EY) by the court decision.

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