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Bitcoin And Ether To Become Available On Jamaica Stock Exchange

12:48 04/04/2019
Jamaica Stock Exchange To Launch Pilot Trading With BTC And ETH

The Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) will start trading the two most capitalized cryptocurrencies and security tokens in test mode, according to a press release. 


Together with a partner, the Canadian crypto company Blockstation, the exchange will provide investors with the opportunity to buy and sell bitcoins and ethers in real time in a regulated and secure environment. 


The JSE will also cooperate with broker-dealer firms that will attract new retail investors to the exchange and help them undergo the KYC verification procedure. 


Besides, the Jamaica Stock Exchange intends to support small and medium-sized businesses, allowing them to raise funds through security token offerings (STOs). A newly created digital asset market will become more accessible for both large institutions and non-accredited investors, which are often not allowed to profitable operations with cryptocurrency by other exchanges. 


The exact date of the trading opening is not known yet. It is also not known yet whether other digital assets will be added over time. 


The JSE has already conducted a similar experiment in January to show the full life cycle of a crypto ecosystem. Back then the exchange launched a pilot 60-day trading in which regulated broker-dealer companies and the Central Depository of Jamaica participated. 


Marlene Street Forrest, the head of the JSE, considers crypto trading an excellent opportunity to diversify the range of services offered by the exchange, as well as to attract new investments. 


Earlier, Coincheck launched an over-the-counter platform for large transactions.

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