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Poloniex Crypto Exchange Introduces New Accounts For Organizations

11:52 05/12/2018

The Poloniex trading platform, owned by the Circle startup, has introduced a new type of accounts created for institutional investors, according to the company’s blog.


The crypto exchange describes a number of advantages of the innovation in the blog. Large and small institutions can choose numerous crypto trading pairs presented on the platform, use special support and reliable API services.

Withdrawal limits are increased for institutional Poloniex users, and they will not pay commission fees for operations with BTC/USDC trading pair till the end of 2018.


Another opportunity for organizations is the access to the OTC Circle Trade platform, where the minimum transaction size is a quarter of a million dollars, here you can also exchange US dollars to USDC and vice versa.

USD Coin, a stablecoin created by Circle, appeared in the Poloniex listing in September 2018. Then it was added to the listing of other major crypto exchanges. In November, Grant Thornton LLP conducted an audit and published a report, which confirmed that Circle tokens were fully backed with US dollars.


USD Coin proves its status of a stable token. The fall in the crypto market in Q4 did not affect it, compared to the most popular Tether stablecoin. According to the CoinMarketCap rating on December 5, 05:19 (UTC), USDC is 31st with a capitalization volume of $179.5 million and a value of $1.02.

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