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Huobi To Enter Markets Of Africa, Middle East, And South Asia

21:24 25/10/2018

Mohit Davar, the co-founder of Huobi MENA crypto exchange, announced Huobi Global’s intentions to expand the geography of its activities, according to the press service of the company.


At international Blockchain Summit Dubai, the co-founder of the crypto exchange stated that the Huobi digital trading system will soon enter the market of the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa.


Davar also stressed that the company intends to open the regional headquarters in Dubai since the city is the leading capital of blockchain technologies in this territory.


Singapore crypto exchange decided to establish its operations department in the capital of the UAE in order to control the ecosystem of all three regions, where they intend to introduce their platform.


Huobi will offer over-the-counter transactions, token trading, development of blockchain projects and crypto communities, and a center for the study of the digital industry on regional platforms. OTC trading and token trading in beta version are already available on the platform. The main task of the crypto company is to provide residents of all three regions with the most secure and reliable service for trading crypto assets.


Currently, Huobi MENA is establishing contact with AI Traders, working on artificial intelligence in the field of digital commerce. Huobi will be able to provide the region with a reliable and rapidly developing trading ecosystem by entering into a partnership agreement with this tech company and other large blockchain firms.


As previously reported, Huobi Korea organized the first meeting in South Korea as part of its Global Elites program.

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