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Hodl Hodl Platform Adds Crypto Pairs In New v1.18

19:41 06/12/2018

The Hodl Hodl crypto exchange reported in its blog the release of v1.18, the main innovations in which are the support of new crypto trading pairs and the disabling of inactive clients’ offers.


Any user of the trading platform can now create offers for trading bitcoin or Litecoin and determine the price in another crypto. During the offer creation, clients select digital assets from the list of available currencies.

The listing of crypto assets depends on the trading platforms with which Hodl Hodl cooperates. Currently, there are six crypto exchanges. The list of cryptocurrencies that can be tied to the offer includes 15 assets.


Hodl Hodl draws attention of users to the fact that commission payments on transactions in crypto pairs will be 0.25% by the end of 2018. The exchange also offers its assistance in finding traders.

If the client is not active on the stock exchange within five days, the platform reserves the right to deactivate his offers since it causes inconvenience to other transaction participants. Users will receive alerts about the possible disabling by email.


Ultimately, another innovation will be the addition of the Spanish language to the platform. The Japanese version will soon be introduced as well, and many other languages ​​will appear during 2019, as follows from the blog.


As previously reported, the OKEx trading platform will provide its customers with the opportunity to use perpetual swaps.

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