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Jack Dorsey Acquires Bitcoins In Amount Of $10,000 During Week

12:12 09/03/2019
Head Of Twitter Buys Bitcoins Worth 10 000 Dollars Over Week

The Twitter CEO joined the Tales from the Crypt podcast as a guest, where he let it slip that he bought bitcoins for $10,000 over seven days.


The host asked Jack Dorsey whether he would take part in the Stacking Sat Saturday campaign, aimed at popularizing crypto and offering the purchase of bitcoins worth $25 every seven days. Dorsey replied that his limit on the acquisition of the first cryptocurrency was already exceeded on the Cash App from Square, and he would not be able to spend more.


Given that the Cash App has a limit on the BTC purchase of $10,000, it can be concluded that Dorsey has spent precisely this amount. However, the businessman did not exclude his participation in the campaign next week.


The head of Twitter and the Square company is considered a long-time bitcoin supporter. In early February 2019, he stated in an interview with Joe Rogan, a host of a YouTube podcast, that the time will inevitably come when bitcoin will become the currency of the entire Internet. He is sure of this despite the fall in the price of the first cryptocurrency, and this confidence is reinforced by the fact that the large investment companies and banking institutions are entering the crypto market.


In another interview, Dorsey stated that the Lightning Network (LN) technology should be soon integrated into the Cash App, which was developed by Square experts and has become one of the most popular on Google.


As previously reported, Twitter CEO joined the crypto marathon LightningTorch, launched to popularize the Lightning Network.

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