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ABCC Exchange To Be First To Place Tokens Of TRC-10 Standard

13:56 17/01/2019
Head Of Tron Names First Crypto Platform Listing TRC-10 Tokens

Having entered into the cooperation with the Tron crypto platform, the ABCC digital exchange gained the right to be the first to add the TRC-10 standard tokens to its listing, according to the company’s Twitter.


Justin Sun, the head of Tron, confirmed the partnership on his Twitter account and praised ABCC calling it a fabulous company, which witnessed Tron’s significant development.


The TRC-10 tokens are supported by the Tron network without the need to launch the Tron virtual machine (TVM). Another standard, TRC-20, is used for smart contracts supporting TVM and is absolutely compatible with the ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum.


In early January 2019, the BitTorrent company, which first used the P2P technology for online file sharing, announced the launch of its own cryptocurrency based on the TRC-10 standard in the Tron blockchain.


Recently, Tron’s activity has become noticeable against the background of competitors. Over the past year, the number of the company’s employees increased several times, and the crypto market cap volume increased almost by half within the first ten days of 2019. 


According to the data of CoinMarketCap as of January 16, 11:04 (UTC), the Tron crypto was ninth by capitalization volume, which amounted to $1.64 billion, and its price against the US dollar was $0.024.


As previously reported, since the beginning of 2019, the TRON Arcade fund managed to lure several blockchain games and applications from the Ethereum platform.

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