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Launch Terms Of BHEX Crypto Exchange Become Known

20:12 26/11/2018

Blue Helix announced that its BHEX trading platform has raised $15 million and will begin its work in late November 2018, according to the press release.

During the financing, the majority of funds was obtained from several investors, including the Huobi Global and OKCoin crypto exchanges, as well as Node Capital and Genesis Capital.

The firm will use the open-source Bluehelix technology after its full development, James Ju, former technical director at Huobi, the founder and CEO of Blue Helix, stated. The new project of the company will be supported by decentralized cryptographic algorithms, distributed ledger technology, and its own innovative solution.

The BHEX trading platform will provide crypto exchange services, as well as custodial service. The exchange will develop an independent asset repository and clearing platform that will be fully managed by the community.

Currently, another product, called BHOP, is being developed following the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. The solution will allow the company to apply its technology during trading on BHEX.

As previously reported, the Waves blockchain platform announced the launch of Tokenomica, a crypto exchange in Malta. Besides, the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) has obtained a license for operation from the regulatory authority of the country.


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