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Ex-Head Of US Federal Reserve Receives BTC As Gift

21:46 01/11/2018

Janet Yellen, the former head of the US Federal Reserve, who is skeptical about bitcoin, became the owner of a small amount of the first crypto, CoinDesk reports.

On Monday, October 29, Yellen spoke at the financial and technology forum in Canada, where she stated that bitcoin cannot be called a useful type of currency, but, at the same time, she believes that blockchain is a necessary technology for society.

A day after her speech, Raz Suprovici, the owner of the bitcoin gifting company Biterica, sent Yellen a small amount of BTC for about $20 on her email at the University of California, Berkeley.

The former head of the US Central Bank admitted receiving bitcoins but stressed that she did not become acquainted with the letter in detail due to the lack of time. She emphasized that she could not add anything to the previously expressed thoughts about the first cryptocurrency.

Suprovici explained his actions by the desire to help Yellen to familiarize herself with bitcoin directly, because, in his opinion, she never owned digital currency. The businessman wanted to show that the crypto wallet resembles an ordinary bank account with a login and a password, and there is the same money that can be spent. 

Such a step can help anyone to learn more about the new technology. “Maybe all policy-makers should be gifted a little bit of bitcoin”, the head of Biterica added.

As previously reported, the US Securities and Exchange Commission created a unit to help financial and technological startups.

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