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Cryptopia Transfers 50% Of Assets To Secure Wallets

14:38 05/04/2019
Cryptopia Exchange Transfers Half Of Its Assets To New Wallets

Cryptopia, a crypto trading platform from New Zealand, tweeted that the transfer of 457 digital assets of the exchange listing to the wallets with updated private keys was completed by 50%.


In mid-January 2019, the exchange was hacked because of a security breach. Now the developers intend to prevent similar incidents in the future, for which they transfer users' assets to safer wallets.


Representatives of the platform appealed to users with a warning that markets are opening alternately, so participants need to close unwanted orders on time. In addition, the exchange customers need to update the API keys, password, and 2FA. The withdrawal of funds from new wallets is blocked for the time of the assets transfer.


In the meantime, a lot of negative comments from users who turned out to be dissatisfied with the fact that the exchange delayed the recovery process appeared under the company's tweet. Some were offended because they could not withdraw money from safe wallets. Others believe that this process will be completed by June, judging by the recovery rate of the exchange.


Most users are very disappointed that their funds are frozen at the time when the bitcoin price is rising significantly. One of the clients suggested that in this way the exchange is trying to cover its losses from the hacker attack using the growing crypto assets of users.


Earlier, Cryptopia representatives stated on the blog that they are unable to compensate funds to users affected by the hacking.

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