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New Governors In US To Support Crypto Sphere

15:29 08/11/2018

In the midterm elections in the United States, voters cast their ballots for five candidates for state governors, who have a positive attitude regarding cryptos and blockchain. The Digital Asset Trade Association (DATA) made such a conclusion in its study.


The Association sent questionnaires to the majority of candidates for the post of governor, where they had to answer questions related to cryptocurrency and blockchain. The results showed that three new governors and two re-elected ones are the most loyal to the crypto sphere.

These included elected for the first time Jared Polis (Colorado Governor), Gavin Newsom (California Governor), and Mark Gordon (Wyoming). Gina Raimondo (Rhode Island) and Greg Abbott (Texas) were re-elected.


Jared Polis, while still a congressman, was actively promoting ideas related to the development of the crypto sphere. His election program included initiatives on blockchain implementation in many areas of activity.

Gavin Newsom can also be considered a longtime fan of blockchain technology. He stated that he was “fascinated” by it back in 2014 and now is promoting the initiative, which implies that the courts could examine the data stored on blockchain.


Greg Abbott accepted contributions in bitcoins. Gina Raimondo advocates for the legal recognition of crypto transactions in business and the use of blockchain in some government programs. However, Mark Gordon goes furthest in his proposals, considering it possible to exempt cryptocurrency operations from sales taxes.

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