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Scammers Use Binance DEX Exchange For Personal Gain

13:43 15/04/2019
Crypto Scammers Send Phishing Emails On Behalf Of Binance DEX

A warning about phishing emails sent by hackers on behalf of Binance DEX, a decentralized crypto exchange, appeared on Reddit.


Crypto fraudsters continue to refer to numerous tricks to provoke users to careless actions and steal their cryptocurrency. An announcement from tincho5, who reported that he had received a letter on behalf of the Binance DEX decentralized exchange, was posted on Reddit.


The letter notified on the upcoming launch of the trading platform and contained a proposal to register on the fake website with the input of private keys. The letter was very similar to the real one, it was certified, but the attention of tincho5 was attracted by the sending address — binance.org, despite the fact that the crypto exchange uses the com domain.


The text of the letter contained a warning that customers are given three days to register, and registration will no longer be available after this time expires. Such a statement also seemed fake.


Scammers, according to the Merkle publication, send letters to various email addresses, not only to Binance's clients. The number of such letters is unknown, there is also no information about victims of phishing mail.


Users note that usually a sharp increase in the price of the Binance Coin token is a sign of any important innovations on the crypto exchange, but this time there has been no change with it, the value has remained stable.


Earlier, Binance DEX was launched in testing mode, and CEO of Binance Changpeng Zhao stated at the Deconomy conference that it could start working in April 2019.

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