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Kidnappers Demand Ransom In Crypto For Businessman's Wife

15:20 10/01/2019

The wife of Tom Hagen, a Norwegian investor, has been kidnapped by unknown, who now demand a ransom in the Monero cryptocurrency, Reuters reports.


A 68-year old Anne-Elisabeth Hagen disappeared in October last year, but the police did not publicize the case on behalf of investigation. Now law enforcers continue to work and advise the family of the kidnapped woman to ignore the fraudsters’ demands and not to send money.

Anne-Elisabeth Hagen

Local media report that the ransom is equal to $10 million, but the Norwegian police can not confirm this information. As an obligatory condition, criminals demand that a ransom must be sent in the Monero cryptocurrency, focused on the privacy of transactions.


As the Hagen family lawyer commented, a public disclosure will allow to establish contact with the kidnappers, so that relatives and the police can begin the process of releasing Anne-Elisabeth. He refused to say whether it would be necessary to pay a cryptocurrency ransom eventually.


The financial magazine Kapital estimated Tom Hagen's fortune at $200 million. The businessman is engaged in real estate investments, but his relation to cryptocurrencies is unknown.


Norway is known as a country with a very low crime rate, and kidnappings there are extremely rare.

The Monero cryptocurrency is designed to increase the anonymity of transactions. It is among the top-20 digital currencies with the highest market capitalization and is used in online games and web casinos.


According to a recent research, Monero is the most popular cryptocurrency for hidden mining.

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