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Seven Tokens Are Included In Rating Of CoinMarketCap Analytical Portal

18:58 22/10/2018

CoinMarketCap, an analytical portal, has added seven tokens to its rating, in particular, Dragon Token (DT), OBXcoin (OBX), YEED (YEED), BOX Token (BOX), Italian Lira (ITL), Asura Coin (ASA), BitMoney (BIT), according to the company’s Twitter.


All added tokens are still located closer to the second thousand positions in the rating. As of 11:00 (UTC), October 22, BOX Token (BOX) ranks 1716th with a price of $0.29 and a trading volume in the amount of $2.8 million for the last day. BOX can be called a safe application for digital assets, which aims to prevent theft of personal data.


The YEED (YEED) token holds the 1784th position with its daily trading volume of $154.8 thousand and the price of $0.0015. The Asura Coin (ASA) token takes the 1840th line with its daily trading volume of $154 thousand and the value of $0.0017. The Asura Coin team is positioning itself as the world's first self-sufficient platform in the gaming industry.


Italian Lira (ITL) is ranked 1926th with the trading volume in the amount of $2508 and the price of $0.000025 for the last 24 hours. The cryptocurrency is based on the standard ERC-20 of the Ethereum blockchain. The project authors speak about the revival of the Italian lira, but only in digital form.


BitMoney (BIT) holds the 1931st position in the ranking. The volume of its daily trading is $2020, and the cost is $0.022. OBXcoin (OBX) takes the 1986th line with the trading volume that amounts to only $317 per day and the price of $0.0064. Finally, Dragon Token (DT) is ranked 2108th with the price of $1.49, it’s the lowest position among the above-mentioned tokens.


As previously reported, CoinMarketCap was extended with eight tokens, including Gemini Dollar (GUSD) and USD//Coin (USDC).

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