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Coinbase Introduces Free Fiat Withdrawal To PayPal

15:21 03/12/2018

Coinbase, one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the US, has introduced the possibility to withdraw fiat to the PayPal payment service without commissions, AMB Crypto reports.


Now the Coinbase users can withdraw euros, pounds, and US dollars without fees via the most popular international payment system. The company has also implied some limitations, such as a withdrawal limit for funds, which does not have to exceed $25 000 a day and $10 000 within one transaction.

Citizens of Australia and Canada do not have the option of fiat withdrawal directly through the payment system yet, but they can sell cryptos to CAD and AUD.


The exchange’s team has introduced a new function without any official announcement. Although, residents of Canada, UK, the US, and the EU countries have received emails about the new functions available, the publication reports.

There is information in the FAQs section on the exchange website that users have got the opportunity to connect the PayPal service to their accounts since November 2018.


As previously reported, Coinbase has added support for the Zcash digital currency.

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