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Maltese Actor Denies Participation In Bitcoin Revolution Scheme

13:15 11/01/2019

Three Maltese movie and TV celebrities refute the information about their involvement in cryptocurrency earnings schemes, which was published by local media, according to Malta Independent.


The fake news was posted on the Major News website. It says that a famous Maltese actor Davide Tucci was involved in a pyramid called Bitcoin Revolution. He allegedly came to the One Breakfast TV show to talk about the easy way of making money and even convinced the two hosts to invest while on air.

Source : www.facebook.com/davidetucci

The article continues that 250 euros invested in the Bitcoin Revolution platform almost doubled to 483 euros "within three minutes". For his part, Tucci allegedly earned over 2.3 million euros using this scheme.


Shortly after the publication, the Maltese actor posted a video message on Facebook, where he called this news a scam and click-bait and urged the viewers not to fall for it. Also, Tucci said that he had never been involved in activities related to bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the actor turned to the Cybercrime unit of the Malta police.



In turn, the hosts of One Breakfast confirmed that they had never interviewed Tucci and definitely did not invest in the cryptocurrency scheme in their show. They also notified the local police of the incident.


The fake news contained outright promotion and detailed instructions on how to register and use Bitcoin Revolution.

For the past few weeks, messages promoting the supposedly fraudulent platform were appearing on social media. According to the Malta Financial Services Authority, Bitcoin Revolution has never received the approval from the local government.

Previously, Malta and Italy banned the digital exchange OriginalCrypto.

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