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BitMEX Exchange To Collect Analytics About Work Of Ethereum

13:05 15/03/2019
BitMEX Launches Website To Collect Information On Ethereum

The research division at the BitMEX crypto exchange has developed the Nodestats analytical system, with the help of which it will collect information about the work of various implemented software on the Ethereum network and compare its efficiency, as reported on the blog of the platform.


The Nodestats system keeps track of several parameters, including the space occupied by the blockchain, the throughput, the load on the CPU, the amount of memory used in work, and some others. Specialists of the trading platform report that the website Nodestats.org is under development. In the coming months, additional features will be added to the resource.


It should be noted that BitMEX has launched a full node based on the Parity client. Synchronization has been in process for two weeks already, but the node continues to lag behind by approximately 400,000 blocks. Low synchronization speed can be a problem for the Parity software over time since the node will not keep up with the growth of the blockchain. The BitMEX specialists are optimistic and believe that they will soon cope with this problem.


There is another small issue. Sometimes the node informs incorrectly about the completion of synchronization, and fraudsters can potentially take advantage of this situation to make an attack. However, the researchers note that there is practically no chance for this.


Earlier, representatives of BitMEX reported on their blog about the presence of a large insurance fund in the amount of 21,000 bitcoins (about $75 million).

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