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Bitmain To Start Selling New Mining Equipment

16:23 07/11/2018

Bitmain, the manufacturer of mining facilities, has released two new Antminer models for the bitcoin mining, according to the company's Twitter.



One of the leading companies in the crypto sphere announced the start of sales of Antminer S15 and T15, which will be connected to the recently released 7nm ASIC processor. The facilities will be available for purchase on November 8.


Bitmain is positioning its new products as the ones having the best hash rate developed for the SHA256 algorithm.


Initially, Jihan Wu, the co-founder and head of Bitmain, announced the release of the 7-nanometer chip in September 2018. Then he reported that the new product would have more energy efficient and powerful characteristics than the old model.

Although the information about the technical details of the chip has not yet been fully published, Wu stated that it contains over a billion transistors and reaches the ratio of the cost of electricity and power output in the amount of 42J/TH.


The Bitmain processor will compete with several other ASIC miners created for mining bitcoin. Among them, there is a new 14-nanometer chip, released by Bitfury. The Bitfury Clarke facility is also presented as energy efficient and intended for the SHA256 algorithm.


Bitmain releases new equipment along with the information on the IPO. However, earlier it was reported that investors received false information about the financing of the company.

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