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Bitfinex And Ethfinex To Make Transition To Their Servers

18:08 02/01/2019

IFinex is completing preparations for the final transition of Bitfinex and Ethfinex trading platforms to their own infrastructure, 2bitcoins.ru reports.


Market Synergy assists iFinex in the transition of the crypto exchanges to dedicated servers. The most modern equipment will be used in the operation of the exchanges, it will allow trading with a large amount of digital assets.

It is assumed that the transition will take place on January 7, 2019. The company warns that the process will take several hours. During this time, both platforms will work autonomously, and the accounts will be unavailable to users.


iFinex is trying to improve its work all the time. As a rule, switching to own servers is not typical for the crypto industry, but iFinex goes its own way. This step of the company will allow attracting professional traders from other markets to the crypto trade.


An increase in the operating speed of the trading platforms will be an important factor. The company representatives stress that productivity can be doubled depending on the distance of the provider. Moreover, the security level will increase, employees of the company will constantly monitor all equipment, including through round-the-clock video surveillance.

At the time of migration, iFinex advises marginal traders to close all open positions in order to avoid losses because of possible market volatility.


As previously reported, Bitfinex has launched margin trading in USDT/USD trading pair.

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