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Bitcoin Network Manages To Process More Than $410 Billion Over Year

13:19 26/12/2018

In 2018, the Bitcoin network processed a total of more than $400 billion, thus, more than $13,000 was transferred every second on average, Blockchain.com reports.


At the same time, the RSK sidechain is gaining popularity, which received a 43% hashrate support and is capitalized with the number of bitcoins close to 250.

The Liquid sidechain continues to strengthen its position too. It was created in 2015 but worked in test mode for a long time. The beginning of its full-fledged work was announced in early October 2018. During this period, the number of bitcoins associated with Liquid has grown to 25. This technology allows to serve crypto exchanges, assists traders, significantly reducing the amount of time required to perform transactions between different accounts.


According to Blockchain.com as of December 26, the total number of confirmed bitcoin operations amounted to 255,124 for the last 24 hours, and the average block size was 0.82 MB. The total amount of pending transactions was a little bit over 1.23 million.

Meanwhile, according to CoinMarketCap on December 26, 06:24 (UTC), the BTC price was $3874 with a market capitalization of the cryptocurrency amounting to $67.5 billion. Over the last 24 hours, it's value has grown by more than 1%.


Earlier, the Coinhills analytical service provided information according to which the US dollar and the Japanese yen became the most popular fiat currencies for buying bitcoins.

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