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Binance Organizes Sale Of Celer Network Tokens

16:42 06/03/2019
Binance Exchange Announces Date Of Next Token Sale

The Binance trading platform has published the date of the sale of the Celer Network tokens (CELR) on its Launchpad platform on its website.


The CELR sale will take place from 2:00 pm (UTC) on March 19 to 2:00 pm (UTC) on March 24. The trading will involve only the Binance Coin (BNB) tokens during just one sale session.


Binance announced some details. The total number of the Celer Network tokens is 10 billion, it is planned to sell about 600 million CELR during the trading session. The price of one token is $0.0067, the price in Binance Coin will be set on March 19. The amount of individual investment should not exceed $1500.


The Celer Network project is a second-level scalable platform that provides fast, simple, and secure transactions outside the payment chain. It was created by scientists working at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Princeton, Berkeley, and UIUC. With the help of the project, specialists can quickly create and use decentralized apps with a high degree of scalability.


Binance draws the attention of users that every new project on the Launchpad platform requires the signing of a separate agreement on token purchase. Customers should take care of this in advance.


As previously reported, the Binance trading platform is going to organize a contest for its users with a prize fund of 10,000 BNB on March 7.

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